Girls County BBALL

Girls County Basketball

Registration is OPEN for the 2019/2020 Winter Season.

Registration for girl’s county basketball ages 8 through 13 will close November 1st. After November 1stplayers will be waitlisted and placed on teams with available slots. Please do not wait to register!!  

Preseason Workout and Player evaluation sessions:

We are planning 1 preseason workout to knock the dust off and then two player evaluations sessions in October. These sessions are available for registered players only. Times and locations will be announced via email so please be on the lookout. 

We would like all players to attend at least one of the player evaluation sessions but attending both would be best. 


Our program would not be possible without our amazing volunteer coaches. If you’re interested in coaching or otherwise volunteering in our upcoming season, please contact us at

While you wait to hear back, please sign up as a volunteer for your child’s age group in the SCYA Sports Signup system and complete the required Anne Arundel County background check.

Other Season Dates and Notes

  • Practices for county basketball will begin in November 
  • County games will begin in December, most likely December 7th
  • SCYA will loan players a game uniform that must be returned
  • Registration is $100 and there is an additional $15 that will be used to purchase a shooting shirt that the player will keep 
  • A league teams get 14 games. B league teams get 11 and C teams get 10 
  • 8u and 9u teams will use the 27.5” youth ball
  • 10 – 13u teams will use the 28.5” women’s ball

SCYA Girls County Basketball Evaluation Process

Our evaluation process will be used to not only breakout teams but also determine the level of play (A, B or C) the team is best suited.

With the size of our program, several of our age groups will only be able to field a single team and for those groups, our focus at evals will be determining the appropriate league. The evaluation session is still very important. A team placed too high, is doomed to a long season of listening to the other teams cheer. A team placed to low will have players thinking they are better than they really are. A sure-fire way to stall player development is to sandbag and play in easy leagues. Adversity builds greatness, not easy wins. 

For the age groups where we get enough players to field two teams and we have the talent to create an ‘A’ team, our evaluation process is a bit more involved. 

Teams will be broken out by selecting players that will form competitive units, so we do not necessarily pick the 10 most athletic players to fill the top team. Position, coachability and chemistry are factors that will be considered. 

Other things that we will look for at evaluations:

  1. Attitude/Body language
  2. Basketball Skills
  3. Athletic ability
  4. Competitiveness
  5. Selfish/unselfish play
  6. Basketball IQ
  7. Defense
  8. Shooting

Grading these factors is subjective and evaluators may not all agree. We will work together to form a consensus. We will then take the results, meet with coaches and finalize rosters. 

The process is not perfect, and it is hard on both the kids and their parents. It is important that we all work together to make it as smooth as possible. The evaluators, coaches and coordinators all want the best possible outcome. 

I think it’s very important that coaches and parents stress to the kids that we are not evaluating them as people, or even as lifelong basketball players. We are simply evaluating where they are best suited to play today. 

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